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Riding Enthusiasts,

W.I.R.E. was conceived from the ideas of our founding members and their experiences with motorcycle riding in Wyoming (and the unmatched scenery of the surrounding areas). We are banded together by one common thread.. We love motorcycling.  We do not wish to ride for charity, or for causes. We expect no dues or donations. We simply want to be out in the wind, enjoying our friends and the scenic vistas of Wyoming and the adjoining states. A few parties, barbeques, friends and unique road trips will be the agenda of this motorcycle club. If this kind of experience is what you are looking for then drop us an email or give us a call and talk to one of our founding members. We will gladly answer your questions and listen to your ideas.

The Cheyenne Chapter has been inducted. (click here to see Ed knock 'em dead in Milwaukee...) Hopefully we can get this off the ground and enjoy some better weather.

New W.I.R.E T-shirts are here - want one? Contact the prez here...   White or black
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