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NOW : 2008 - John is doing well - 100% recovery.  He's been back to work and has excepted a salaried position in management.  He recently bought a 2008 Harley StreetGlide and is ready to ride... and we're pretty sure he'll be wearing a helmet when he rides.

The Accident:

On Friday, July 27th, John had a motorcycle accident on highway 191 near Vernal Utah.  He was headed to Durango with a group of riders.  John was the last rider in the group.  No one witnessed the incident - it appears that he lost control of his motorcycle for reasons unknown at this time.  I (Rich) was there with him, minutes after it happened.  There were others giving aid to John literally immediately.  The ambulance made it to the scene and got John to the Vernal Utah Hospital where he was life-flighted to Salt Lake City Utah at the University of Utah Medical Hospital.
John is in the University of Utah Neuro Critical Care Unit after being moved from the surgical intensive care unit where he was originally located.  He has been struggling to keep his brain pressure stabilized so the doctors have chosen to have a "no stimulus" setting for him. His room is kept dark and cool and there is no talking or touching. He has battled a bit of a fever which the doctors say is normal. So far nothing that has happened in John's care has been unusual or unexpected for severe head trauma. He appears to be making daily strides but still has some setbacks. The doctors' main concern is his brain injury, but he does have a fractured right clavicle (collarbone), 3 broken ribs, a fracture in his skull and his nose is broken in 3 places.
 Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns. We have been contacted by so many of you and we appreciate all of the love and care from all.
 We will keep posting updates as they happen. You can also email with your comments, questions or words of encouragement and we'll post them here.

Clipped from the Rocket Miner Newspaper Saturday, Sept. 8th

Sept 9th -

John was moved to the University of Utah rehab unit on Thursday September 6th. He is doing very well with his recovery and simply wants to come home. He has assured us that he will work as hard as he can for the therapists so that he can get out of there. Last week, John was standing for very short periods of time (30 seconds), on Wednesday, he tackled a flight of stairs and today is walking from his room to the therapy rooms without any assistance at all. The rooms are about 500 feet away with an elevator ride in between. John is still extremely weak and his weight is very low, but his spirits are high. He, Mom and I have laughed and giggled all weekend. His memory is great, except for the day of the accident and maybe a few days before. He has no recollection of the accident and is bothered by the fact that he cannot remember and that he even had an accident. We are delighted to see that John's sense of humor is back, but the nurses are struggling with it a little bit. We keep telling him that if he messes with them, he'll never be able to come home. He continues to find ways to make them wonder if he is joking or being serious. Please continue to pray for John, at this time I think he may need our thoughts, prayers and energy the most. We know that your prayers are what has gotten him this far and we know that he wants to come home. John should be able to see this website soon, so keep your thoughts coming so that he can read your inspirations, too. Thank you all again. - Jaelyn

Sept 2nd - Update

Wow - what a change this last week has brought us.  John is progressing rapidly.  We will be moving him from Long Term Acute Care at Promise to either U of U Rehab or Health South Rehab sometime in the coming week (hopefully - as long as he can avoid infections or any other unpredictable events).  He remains very tired and weak. He cannot walk but he is able to stand while holding the parallel bars.  He has been doing some therapy but it is time to start a progressive, intense program to re-develop his motor skills and build his body (physically). He is able to have short phone conversations and he even initiates conversations at his bedside.  He cannot remember where he is or why he is there.  We have explained the accident to him but he cannot piece it together yet.  He truly seems confused about what happened - but we believe that is to be expected.  He seems to feel some conflict about having a motorcycle accident.  He kept telling Jaelyn and Melissa that he is a good rider and that he could not have had a wreck.  He simply cannot recall anything shortly before and after the accident.  He has displayed his sense of humor on more than one occasion - the doctor told John that he too rides a Harley.  The doctor said the he rides a Dyna Wide-Glide, and John responded with "Oh, that's too bad".  "I ride a Road King...".  John is clearly agitated whenever we say "John you have to eat this...." or "John what day is it..."  He gets tired of answering all of the questions but we feel he is doing well...  The upcoming weeks will be difficult as John begins rehabilitation.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  We believe he has made it this far because of all of the support from everyone.  Special thanks to my folks for being with John, literally 24/7, while the rest of us have gone back to work and to be with our families.  These events really make one aware of how important family and friends are... thank you everyone!!!!!  - Rich

Aug 28th - Update

This morning John had a few bites of egg, banana & pancakes for breakfast and was able to drink his orange juice through a straw.  Eating is a big step for him and has come a lot sooner than anyone thought. The speech therapist is very satisfied. John was wheeled to the rose garden and enjoyed some afternoon sunshine. Aunt Marjie and Uncle Dick visited him today and he was able to muster a great big smile for them as well as responding to their conversations. John's trach tube was removed also today and he is no longer on any form of oxygen.   He is really making strides, even though his therapies are all so rigorous.  He seems to be in good spirits most of the time except for the pain and discomfort that he is experiencing.  We are all so thankful for all the cards, well-wishes, phone calls and especially the prayers that you have all sent.   Keep it up, everyone, it's working...  Jaelyn

Aug 26th - Update

John has been moved to an acute care facility called Promises in the Salt Lake Regional Hospital. The move was smooth and without incident. On his first day there, he had a shower (for the first time in 4 weeks) and was evaluated by physical, occupational, and speech therapists. These people don't mess around. They want his recovery to be started immediately. But you can imagine how John was feeling going from laying in a bed for 4 weeks to showering and sitting on the edge of the bed (with maximum assistance), all the questions, poking and prodding. We were all pretty shocked that they did so much in one day!   Anyway,  during his speech evaluation, the therapist decided that he was swallowing so well, even with the trach tube, that she gave him apple juice, apple sauce, and diced peaches, just to see if he could handle the different textures and HE DID GREAT with nothing going into his trach tube after he was suctioned. What a sight to see him chew!!  His respiratory therapist decided to plug off John's trach tube. He is now on minimal oxygen (1-2 litres) through a cannula in his nose.  He is doing great with his oxygen saturation.  Now for the big news... John has begun to speak.  Because the trach is plugged off, he is able to speak and hear his voice. He first said "yes" when prompted by a respiratory therapist and since then has spoken mostly to explain his pain. "Ouch, please, come on, please" ... He told Mom to "leave me alone" while she was trying to situate him on the bed.   Unfortunately, because he is "coming back" so much right now,  he is in a lot of pain and he has to tell us.  It is so wonderful to hear his voice, even if it is for bad reasons.  Keep him in your prayers. This is a most important time for us.  The roller coaster we have been on is so hard but the good times are really good.      - Jaelyn

From Melissa -August 26 Update...As of tomorrow, we will have been at this for one whole month! It seems like a lifetime to us, but for my dad,  I am sure it has gone by in a blink.  In the past few days, John has been much more responsive and I am positive he is progressing right along. He was able to say the word "yes" yesterday to the was scratchy sounding but he did say it. I (Melissa) am so jealous that I wasn't there to hear him...I miss the sound of his voice so much.  But, on the bright side, he said his first word since the accident!  He was also able to mouth the word "hi" (but no sound came out) this morning to a nurse when she walked in and said "Hi John."  These things seem so little but they are great accomplishments and I am so grateful that they are occuring.  He is very thin right now, but the doctors and nurses are working hard to keep him well nourished.  If we can just keep our spirits high and keep him in our prayers, I am sure his recovery will keep moving right along.  I know that my dad is proud  that  I am back to school with my nose in my books, studyin hard for him...I just can't wait for him to tell me that for himself!  - Melissa

Aug 23th - Update

John has really struggled with the infection in his lung.  He is recovering but it seems to be a slow process.  The doctors removed his chest tube today and are hoping by tonight that he will be moved out of ICU to a regular room. He is still very sleepy (seems like the infection is zapping all his energy). The doctors are now adjusting his medications to make him more awake and alert during the day. It is almost like he has his days and nights mixed up.  We are still very hopeful that he will recover from this quickly and start the head trauma healing process again. We really want to see some progress soon, so keep him in your thoughts and keep praying!  - Jaelyn

Aug 20th - Update

John has had his first real setback.  He contracted a chest infection and has slowed his progress a little.  He had to be placed on a ventilator (again) and receives antibiotics. He was supposed to be moved to an acute care facility on Friday, but because of the infection, has been moved back to an ICU. This is NOT critical care, it is called intermediate ICU, just a step down from critical care. John is awake and alert. We believe that he recognizes us and our voices (even on the phone). He is making purposeful movements with his hands and sometimes with his foot.  He makes the movements on command and also sometimes, just to show off. That's OUR John!!! He is now scanning the room with his eyes to see who is there. The infection made him very sleepy and not so alert for a day or so but we feel he is back on track now.  He will not be able to go to the acute care facility until he heals and is feeling better.  It is really great to be able to look into his big brown eyes and know he is looking back.  We are hoping he will be out of ICU in a few days so that his recovery becomes speedy again. The doctors assured us that this is not a major setback and that it will not be the last. It has been trying for us to get him through this but we know what lies ahead and are very excited for the next movement or the next blink, hey, maybe even be talking soon. Let's just keep positive and keep praying.  - Jaelyn

Aug 16th - Update

Following a surgery to place a tracheotomy tube and a permanent feeding tube,  John is finally showing signs of coming back to us. An MRI showed that his brain is healthy and that he has a great chance for recovery.  John is now tracking (moving his eyes toward a person or object) and opening his eyes on command. He is being moved from critical care but will stay on the neurological floor for a few more days. He will then be moved to an acute care facility. John actually "mouthed" the word "stop" when a doctor was pinching him. These are incredible triumphs for John and are so reassuring for us to see.  We really feel like he is headed in the right direction now. The doctors are pleased with the results of his tests and have confirmed that we have a long road ahead, but we know that he can do it. John has a great spirit and he has always worked very hard to achieve his goals, so we have all the faith in the world in him! Keep him in your thoughts and prayers and we know he will get right back to where he was before.   - Jaelyn


Aug 12th - Update

John is making progress. He has been off of the paralyzing drugs and the sedatives for a few days now and is handling it well. Unfortunately, it will take some time for all of these drugs to come out of his system. John has opened his eyes twice now, once for Melissa, his daughter, and once on command from a doctor. He also wiggled his left toes on command a few times on Saturday the 11th.  He was not so cooperative on Sunday and the doctors assured us that he needs more time. There are a lot of good things that the nurses are telling us like his muscle tone is good and he is showing signs of reaction to stimulus. When his ventilator tube is suctioned, he winces as if he were in pain. It is not pleasant to watch him show discomfort but it is reassuring that he is still trying to come out of his sleep. His brain pressure still rises when the nurses do procedures but the good thing is that if falls rapidly. Last week, it took a long time for him to recover from any rise in brain pressure and he usually had to be medicated to lower his pressures. Our family feels good about the changes that we have seen in the past week, even though they seem small, in our eyes these improvements are huge leaps and bounds. It has been difficult to be patient during all of this but when we do see and hear the growth and advances he is showing.  We are once again humbled and know that he is working very hard to come back. Thank you all again.
 - Jaelyn

Aug 8th  -  UPDATE

John continues his journey back to us... his room was filled with sunlight today. The nurses allowed the shades to be open and this made the room feel a lot more positive as compared to the darkened room.

They are slowly withdrawing his medications. He did respond to verbal commands early this morning. He moved his foot when he was asked to do so. He has not been able to repeat the response since this morning.  But he still has a lot of the sedatives in his system. The doctor said he was "eating up" the pain meds. They were giving him two to three times the normal amount so it may take awhile for his system to clear out the residual medications. He does respond positively to the pupillary light reflex. They also took out the nine staples from the laceration on the back of his head.

So as this day ends we are grateful for a positive day and hopeful for continued progress through the night. 
 - Jaelyn


Aug 7th  - UPDATE

The last few days have been good for John. His brain pressure has stayed down to levels that seem to make the doctors happy. They have chosen to slowly lower his medications and he is responding well to this change. We are still very hopeful that he will come back to us soon but only time will tell if he will tolerate the changes. He is still fighting and we know this as he is making progress. These last 10 days have been stressful but we are thankful for every small improvement that we see. Lowering his medication and keeping his brain pressure down at the same time has been a struggle but it is an incredible achievement for John. Keep your inspirations coming as it it so important for us all to hear from you. And thank you all again for every prayer, thought and kind word.   - Jaelyn


John, you are on a long ride with Jesus now - Alan Kershisnik

I would like to just tell you this: this is much harder on you and your family than it is on John at this time. I believe he is taking an amazing "ride" right now…not on a Harley, but equally as thrilling times a million. I hope that when he wakes he will be able to share it with you and you "listen" to his details. Yes, you are right—he knew you were there and knows you are there now. - Pennie Hunt

Our family finds so much comfort in all of your words. Please keep sharing your words of encouragement with us. It is important for us to hear from you.  It means a lot for us to know you are all thinking of him. Keep the faith as we all do.  THANK YOU ALL  -  Jaelyn Knudson (John's favorite ((only)) sister)

I just wanted to let you know that you, John and your entire family have been in our thoughts and prayers all week.
Nothing I say will ease your pain but take comfort in the knowledge that you and John have many friends who are pulling for you.  - Julie Hunt

I started to write a note thanking everyone for their kind phone calls, support and prayers...and find myself  lost for words.  I can't tell you all how much I appreciate it, thank you just doesn't seem to be enough... Keep my Daddo in your prayers and keep calling/emailing us to check on him and he will be better soon, I just know it.  - Melissa J. Lyon, John's daughter

Spent the day with your family today...It's a heavy burden waiting for a loved one to come back to you, but he will come back. He just needs time to heal. Be patient and wait for him. We will keep you in our prayers and wait with you. We love you,   -  Becky Lambson

Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you. If there is anything we can do on this end please let us know.  There are so many people praying for John, I know he will be healed. God Bless You All, - Becky Costantino

Stay strong, our prayers will pull John through. - Tim Kaumo

To the Family of John Lyon – I know this is a tough road for all of you, but I have seen and heard of the strength, love and support each of you has for one another. You all have so many friends that are so concerned and willing to do anything for you – we are all a phone call away. You are all in our prayers! - Sarah, Jo Ann and Bob Maser

You are all in my thoughts and prayers and have been put on so many prayer chains, I hope you draw strength from knowing so many people care. God Bless you all. Get better, John! - Dora Holbert

To the John Lyon Family, When the going gets tough, the tough gets going and that is exactly what you have all done. You are all a very strong willed family with a “ton of faith” and that is what is going to pull John out of this. We are all here for you all if you need us and we all send our love and prayers and positive feelings for John’s recovery.  - Gayle Webb

Dearest Lyon Pride-

The waiting is horrendous, but it teaches you patience. The wondering and worrying drives you insane, but learn to give your problems over to a higher power. John is blessed to have you at his side as he struggles to find his way out of the dark. I have faith that all will be well in it’s own due time. This is just one of many challenges you have endured throughout your lifetime…probably the toughest, but certainly not the last. Stay strong, Everyone!

You are in my heart   -  Melissa Kimball

Dear All, Lisa T. just shared your update with us—great news! Our prayers will continue.  -Annette

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. John is a tough guy and I
know God is watching over him. God Bless - Amy Getz

I've called my circle. Different paths, one prayer. Your family is included. Much Love, - Joyce Wade

I am confident that the strength of family, continued faith in God, hope and prayers along with John's unwavering determination to persevere in all that he does, that a full recovery lies ahead. I hope that this day comes soon! I will continue to pray extra hard until this day of celebration arrives. - Jeanne Reiter

I pray every day and night and continue to fight back tears for him as well as for all of you. I wish there were more that I could do. Melissa hang in there your dad is a strong willed wonderful man and I know he is thinking of you right now and I know he will come back to you. (I miss and love you!) Aunt Carolee, Uncle Jay, Rich and Jaelyn my prayers are all with you and to give not only John the strength but all of you as well. - Becky Reiter

I was glad to see the 8/8 update and I hope your brother continues to make progress. Let your family know that I am thinking about all of you and hope for your brother's recovery.  - Rose Moseby

Keep fighting big man. My love and prayers are sent out to you. - Amber

The 8/12 update is very encouraging! It will still be a long hard uphill battle, but John is strong and so is his family, so between all of that -- with all the love and prayers that are being sent his way, he'll make it back to you --- one step at a time. My prayers are with all of you.  - Zoanne

I hope everything works out for John my thoughts and prayers are with you guys! Take care. - Schu

Oh I wish that I would have told you everyday of our lives together how much I appreciate you, how much you mean to me, and how thankful I am to have you in my life. So many times you have told me that we are Soul Mates. I finally understand the true meaning of that.
We have had some bumps in the road and there have been times when I just wanted to give up, but you have always stopped me.
Rarely do I say things the way you want me to, and I never told you that I needed you. For that I am sorry. It is my turn now to ask you not to give up. No matter how long the road to recovery is I will be there to help you. Come back to me John I need you, Come back to your family they need you.... You can pull through this. All my love, -Kim

So very glad to hear there is progress. Our thoughts and prayers are with John and your family.
The devotion, love and spirit of your family is a great strength in itself for John. The power of this love reaches out to us all. May the good Lord hold you in the palms of his hands and give you comfort during this trying time.

Belief is a POWERFUL thing, and we believe. Bless you all. - Lynne and Billy Shalata

John and the Lyon family are in our prayers and thoughts. From the employees of FMC.

John, We were very sad when we heard about your accident. We pray every day for you to have a full recovery. Your family is very strong and devoted to you and you are very lucky to have all of them in your life and by your side, as you heal. There is a loss of words to express how we feel. All we know is that we care about you very much and are waiting anxiously for you to get better. We are thinking about you and praying for you, and your family. - Marj and Dick

We had the opportunity to visit with Jay, Carolee, Melissa and Kim on Tuesday the 14th. John had some surgery earlier that morning and they were waiting and praying that John would wake up. Although my health situation was not as critical as what John's is, however, the love of family and friends, words of encouragement, and mostly all the people who prayed for me during my cancer journey is what made it possible for me to become a survivior. Never Give up Hope. God has His own time period for healing John and it will happen. His journey may be long but we will continue to pray that he will improve daily and that your family will continue to stay strong as he will need your strength as well. From one survior to another, John you keep up the fight! - Danny and Marilyn McDonald

What a friggin’ rollercoaster!! Thank God for faith! Can’t imagine going through what you all are enduring without relying on each other and your faith in God. All the while John sleeps; soon to awaken and begin the journey of recovery. Know that you (John and family) have an abundance of resources to help along the way. Make us (all those that love and care about you) feel useful and allow us to take part in what will one day be called a “miracle”. This will be a very long road and one that should be embraced and shared. Do not think for a second that calling on us is burdensome or a bother; because everyone that knows this family also knows that you would do the same for us.

Now John, as your personal physical therapist, I am telling you right now I do not take no for an answer; ask your dad. - Michelle

Yaaaahooooo! The news sounds fantastic! I know John has a long and difficult road ahead, but the prognosis sounds so very promising. I have no doubt that you are all staying positive throughout this. Please don’t think I’m callous or shallow for saying this, but it is so very important to HOLD ON TO YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR! (Carolee, you get me, so I don’t think you’ll be offended by my saying that). So we’ll all keep saying our prayers for all of you. And you guys just keep pinching John until he has decided enough is enough and pinches you back!  - Mel

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kindness and positive words of encouragement. I am back in Laramie now...finishing my last year of  law school for my dad because he told me that "no matter what Bozo,  promise me you will not be distracted and that you will finish good things."  I feel a little lost without him right now, but I am doing my best.
Please keep him in your prayers and keep calling us to check in on him. Thanks...Melissa J. Lyon (John's daughter)

John, I think about you daily and wonder how you are. Thanks to Melissa and Rich for taking phone calls to keep me updated, the worry is less and less with every passing day! I know you are a man of strong will and desire and you have the want to live!!! Keep on living your dreams and fighting for the life you make worth living...... everyday. The world needs your smile and laugh in it!  - Yelly

Dear John: Your Seattle family is praying for fact, people all over the Pacific Northwest are praying for you!! We are with you all the way, John. Last night Uncle John and I talked about you, the first grandchild of John and Margaret, and how you kept us entertained at the Ridge Ave house. What a tough, sweet little boy you were then, and still are!! Grandma Sugar's favorite!! Its comforting to read the postings about your amazing progress. Hang in there John, we know you can do it. There are countless family members, friends, and people you don't know, praying for you and rooting for you. We love you very much and look forward to the day we can be there to celebrate your recovery. God Bless You and your family. Love, Uncle John, Aunt Sandy, Tom, Jack and Michelle.

I am so happy to hear of the improvements John is making. The power of prayer and love! What an amazing thing. You’re all in my prayers, daily. Sometimes several times a day and I hope you draw strength from the many, many people who care and are thinking about you and praying for strength, comfort and healing! God Bless you all. Love, Dora

To John, It was June 14th, 1998, this was the day that I got struck with lightning. My wife, mother, father, brothers and sister along with all of my close friends heard that I had been struck while riding my Harley. I endured a lot of obstacles including pain, some loss of vision in my right eye, short term memory loss, and loss of some of my hearing. The biggest obstacle was the unknown. I had an overwhelming amount of support from all that were near me. I believe the phone calls, get well cards and most of all the prayers brought me from the darkest corners to live life to its fullest. When you get well you will read all the cards, be told of all the phone calls, and read all of these support letters and know that you’re loved and God wasn't ready for you yet. And for the family; stay strong, stay supportive, and be aware that John knows your all there. The Seneshale family has prayed for you from day one and will continue until John gets back on that Harley. - Sincerely, The Seneshale's

Add us to all the people in the Pacific Northwest praying for John's recovery. Our prayers go out to you, John, and your family; God give you all the strength you need to see you through this difficult time. Much love, Candy & Dennis Peters

Wow what a difference in John's condition since we were in Salt Lake on Friday. We got a chance just for a few minutes today (Tuesday) to see him and he immediately recognized Marj and I and responded right away to some personal comments we made to him. In fact, Carolee said that John smiled for the first time after Marj joked around with him and told him he had some of that tough Valko blood in him - He reponded "Do your think so"? and then said "It' nice to see you" - What great progress -
Dick and Marj

Please give John my best wishes, for a full recovery. I hope that he comes through everything O.K... I have been riding my bike every weekend here in the Tucson area, seeing as much as I can with only one day off. Any way, hope things are going well. - Barbara Shannon

Big John..........
Get well bro!!! You are one tough dude. Get a hold of me if you need anything. - Dan McD

NICE to read that the John we all know is getting back into the swing of things! I bet the nurses are having a hay-day with you and your sense of humor... Tell um that’s how we know we have John back and they better get used to it... cause the rest of us miss it! Keep your spirits high and and the road in front of you... and as a another good friend of mine always says.. a smile on your face and a giggle in your heart!-- Yelly, Bug and Dalton

What a recovery! Keep up the good work. As someone who’s been through a long recovery myself, I can tell you some days are definitely going to be better than others but with the kind of spirit John has and the love and support of such wonderful family and friends, the road is much easier. You’re all still in my prayers. Good luck, hurry home! -Dora Holbert

Howdy, Lyonz! Ok, John, here are the rules for recovery: 1) no laps around the nurses station unless there’s some serious cleavage-checks going on in passing. Murses don’t count. 2) Spill some apple juice on the sheets once every few days, just to keep them guessing. 3) Pull out a thermometer from your pocket and say, “damnit, some asshole has my pen!” Ok, you probably heard that one before. 4) Remember you have a HUGE team of cheerleaders on the sidelines. Keep up the good work! Dunno if you’ll make it to Homecoming, but at this rate, you may want to start planning out your Halloween Costume! Still keeping you in thoughts and prayers - Mel n Monty Kimball

John has been continually, and will continue to be in our prayers! God certainly has a plan for him, and we are so thankful John continues to improve daily! If there is anything we can do to help, just let us know! Isn’t God Great! - Ann & Mike Rudoff (his neighbors)

We were in Salt Lake yesterday (9/15) and was going to come see you, but heard from Scott that you were coming home. What GREAT news that was to hear. What an inspiration you are, John, to all of us. Your faith, your determination and the love of God, family and friends has brought you through this amazing recovery, as you have conquered some mighty great obstacles. Keep up that strong will and determination and that Lyon strength and pride and we will see back on that Harley soon, although we prefer Goldwings. May God continue to give you strength each day and you keep up with that therapy. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. Carolee and Jay, God has indeed blessed you with one amazing son and of one to be very proud of to have been able to overcome such a journey. - Danny and Marilyn McDonald

This note is to John and all of his family. I did not even realize that John had an accident until last week when I saw the picture and information in the Rocket Miner. I flipped. Could not believe that it was our John. I did not want to believe it and ran to the computer to check out the site. It confirmed my worst fears. That it is the John that we know and love. I wanted to call John or drive to Salt Lake City to see him but did not. I am certain that lots of us feel like we want to be there….because we want to see John and make sure he is ok and because we want John to see us, because he is such a great person to be with and we realize how much we miss him.

We are so relieved to know that John is recovering and, and we just know in our hearts that he will be back soon to grace us with his witty sense of humor and company. John, and family, just know that we think of you all of the time and pray that John will be back soon.

So glad that we all have this site to keep up with John’s progress, and antics :)

Love to you all! - Michele and Linden Olson

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