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2004 Winter Letter



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 And now, a letter from your Prez...

Motorcycle Enthusiasts, and W.I.R.E Members;

With winter in full swing and dipping temperatures freezing the snot to my little brothers nose, I am missing the feeling that I enjoy the most…well, the feeling that I enjoy second to the feeling I enjoy the most. That feeling of riding in the wind down an asphalt highway in Wyoming. The roar of the V-Twin, the laughter, the commradre, and being around friends who enjoy this too. The enjoyment of riding is what gets my juices flowing, and when that happens look the fuck out. As I sit here at my desk watching the snow cascade down, I dream of riding. Planning and setting things up for a journey on my Road King with my friends consumes my days and nights. I am guessing the this year the on Ground Hog day, Mr. Ground Hog came out of his hole and saw Godzilla's shadow.

But with all of this sad, cold and dreary weather pressing down on us here in southwestern Wyoming, there has been a couple of days that were close enough to 40 degrees that a couple of us have fired up our scooters and braved the chilling temperatures long enough to satisfy our hunger for riding. January 23, was one such day. I fired up one of the choppers down here at the shop, and skated it of the ice in our drive way to enjoy the balmy 37 degree afternoon. It felt so good, reminiscent to prom night in 1979, no wait that was something else. Anyhow it felt very good to be back in the saddle again. I had the feeling again and needed to share it with somebody. Who could I share my experience with and have them understand how I was feeling? My little brother, I'll tell him what I did, he should understand and be jealous, I mean happy for me. So I called him up at his place of employment, and here is how the conversation went....

Rich: Hello this is Rich...( he always answers the phone like this, why I don't know )
John: Whazzup!!!!
Rich: Hey what are you doing?
John: Nuthin' man, do you have a calendar there in you office?
Rich: Yeah I think so....why?
John: What is the date ta-day?
Rich: Uhhmmm let's see... it is the 23rd of January.
John: Really?
Rich: Yep, I'm sure....
John: Dude mark down on this date in 2004 that I rode my scooter for the first time this year!!!
Rich: What, you shithead, are you serious, it's freakin freezin' outside,  don't you ever work?
John: Of course....
Rich: Is that why you called me????
John: Yeah, Bro...
Rich: Okay shithead, thanks for rubbing it in.
John: Later Bro
Rich: See ya.....

This one of the longest conversations that we have ever had, at least that I can remember. Soon it will be time for spring and riding season to commence, and brother I am ready. Hopefully you guys out there are ready too. Let's plan some trips, some weekend rides, some day trips, bar hopping to see a few strippers, anything, I'll be there.

I haven't heard much from anybody in W.I.R.E. this winter, a few messages from the Cheyenne, seems they were in Germany for a while protecting our freedom, everyone else is pretty quite. We need to have a meeting soon and talk about a few things, like direction. If anyone didn't get a W.I.R.E. shirt let me know and we'll get you one......send us e-mail, photos, and anything else.....

the Prez


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