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Overlooking Silverton Colorado

Smoke em if ya got em

Downtown Silverton and 42 degrees

Practicing the club sign

Waiting to go over the 10,600 ft pass into Durango

Beverly loves the cliffs ...

Packed up and ready to ride

John likes them all...

Poker Run stop at the New Farmington HD Store

New Farmington HD Store

Mesa Verda on a hot day

Up to Cliff Palace!!!!

Cliff Palace

Cliff Palace

Cliff Palace

Cliff Palace

Cliff Palace

Cliff Palace

Walking thru Cliff Palace

Kivas (or as Prez calls them"hot-tubs")


I'll bet no one would notice if I pushed Rich in there...

Rock climbing in motorcycle boots

Where's Mark, Julie, Bev, Martin?

I don't see any strippers in here?

No strippers in there...

I'll find the strippers

Strippers that way

Looking NW from Mesa Verda


Mrs Deuce smiling for the camera

Martin and Julie disobeying the speed limit

Rally grounds in Ignocio - what the hell is this?

Martin could not stay away from the Bourget

How much?

Read the price tag

Load it up... I'll take it!

Marky - daydreaming

Dead Horse point - Canyonlands

I wonder if anyone would notice if I pushed John off this cliff?

85 m.p.h and both of us are still able to pose for the camera

Get your motor runnin...