Sturgis 2008
Guys - I need your photos to post here too!!!
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Buffalo xing
Possible purse snatching - Ginger could take her
One Eyed Jacks  - A real live
Love those glasses
Perfectly placed tramp stamp
Still Love those glasses
Love those glasses and the tie
Girls -  Jersey girl
The definition of thick ......Got what?
You can't have her Big Dave... nope
Comparing our sun burns
She's pointing at Dennis
Another great tramp stamp
That where the shooting was... Angels against Iron Pigs
One Eyed  I started to really like the place
No Jersey girls for John
No Nukes One Eyed
It's past Dennis's bed time
Ride home =Eating on the run !!!
Ride home - Where's the map?
Ride home - Ginger's always smiling
We're lost
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