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 And now, a letter from your Prez...

Motorcycle Enthusiasts,

On March 26th, four of us from the W.I.R.E. group journeyed from Rock Springs to Denver to see the Easyrider show at the Convention Center. We took my little bro’s ride and had an uneventful trip down, with lots of laughing and joking and teasing, the usual family stuff. Friday night we stayed in Loveland, next the mall for the Vickster. She is one shopping fool but I think we put a cramp in her routine by not really being into it. After a quick run through the mall, we went and had dinner at a nice restaurant, where we had to wait for and table, and decided to have a drink while we waited. I paid for the first round, and when I got the bill, it was $20 dollars and some change, I about dropped my teeth, 3 beers and some exotic Colada-thing the Vickster had. But what can you do??? Family and all…. We had a new addition this trip to our group, Danielle, and let me tell you I am happy that she went with us, you see she is fun to be with, quick on the uptake of a joke and can give it as well as she can take it. All around she is great, and I like being with her a lot. Thanks for coming

The next morning we kinda slept in because it was a mini vacation…. And got up and went to have breakfast…. then went Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson to scope out the place. Immediately upon entry we were snatched up to fill out a form and have our picture taken to see I we were good enough to be in the fall catalog for H. D. Can you believe that? They wanted to take my picture, and when the lady asked me to turn around so she could take a picture of my butt, I knew I was out of the running…. Anyway after snooping around, we headed into Denver for the show…

We arrived in Denver to find the show safely with my little bro driving and navigating. Once in the Convention center, the Vickster had to go the bathroom and we could hear some little kid screaming bloody murder, then this little girl comes out of the bathroom just balling and whining about something, and this man that looked questionable grabs her and tries forcefully to calm her down…it was embarrassing for us to watch this dipshit and his child act like this in public, I thought I might actually have to let Danielle whoop this guys ass for treating his child like this, but finally the Vickster showed up and we went in to the show. Once inside we were right in front of Choppers Inc.’s trailer and bikes with Billy Lane signing hats and shirts…

I had the opportunity to chat with him and pose for a couple of pictures, as well as the Vickster did. She started to talk to him and then I noticed her voice cracking and her swaying like she was a reed in the wind, it was pretty funny to watch her but it all worked out. Billy is a real down to earth guy, and I enjoyed talking to him. We then started to check out the rest of the action at the show, and even ran into our Security Officer with his wife and sister, I did not get to spend much time with them but it was good to see them out and about….

Next we went to the Hard Rock Café and had a relaxed lunch, after lunch we headed back for the long ride home….. I am very excited for this year's riding season to start up. I would like to plan a ride at least once a month started in May, If you are interested in riding and being in the middle of good fun on a motorcycle, give us a call, we want to ride, enjoy being out and hope to see you out on the open road….

The Prez


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